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What Has Microsoft Done to Battle the Wii and PS3 Launch?

So the Nintendo Wii and the Sony PS3 are coming out this month, what has
Microsoft done to protect their XBox 360 franchise?
In the few weeks leading to the new consoles the following have been
discovered about the XBox 360.

  • Gears of War is launching.
  • HD Video downloads through XBox Live
  • XBox 360's HD-DVD drive can be connected to Windows XP via drivers.
  • It will be plug and play for Vista.
  • X360 core system to be sold for $100 (rumor)
  • Microsoft to buy Capcom
  • Halo 3 rumors, too bad the Halo movie was scrapped.

Seems to me that Microsoft is running scared and is trying to catch up
to a year that has been squandered.


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