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If you have a Porsche please do not do this.

Or you will be the laughing stock of your neighborhood and Porsche might send a tactical squadron to rescue the car you just desecrated.

Name Your Porsche
You can now give your Porsche an exclusive personal touch. Instead of the type designation, you can have a customised text in the same font placed on your Porsche. Texts can be made for all 911 models - Cayenne - Boxster and Cayman. We can manufacture your personalised text in the same colours as the type designation, in grey or black, or 'chrome' or 'gold' if you prefer. Just imagine having your girlfriend's or boyfriend's name on the back instead of Carrera 2, or the name of your dog, cat or horse instead of Cayenne? No problem! Any conceivable name can be made to order…. from Laura to Larry, from Amber to Arnold, from Roxanne to Roderick...


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TOOFLY vs MTH Premier R40 Subway Set

TOOFLY got a hold of our Queens bound MTH R40 F Train in O Scale and did her thing.

Watch out for the tain horn!

Check out TOOFLY's site.

Xmas Tree Subway Train Layout 2009

Here is the finalized version of the 2009 xmas tree layout using an MTH Premier R40 Subway set, Lionel Fastrack, MTH Graduated Trestle System, and MTH Realtrax Trestle Set.

Here you can see how close the train is to the upper deck when it has to go under.

Here is the upper deck view of the spiral.

And here is the lower deck vantage point.

This was the 1st version, but due to the incline of the spiral it's better to have the train go down on the steep grade.

Hayden Panettiere Tattoo Misspelled?

Hayden Panettiere's tattoo is fully visible in these pictures from Cannes. What we can see is an Italian phrase, "Vivere senza rimipianti". This translates to, "to live without regrets." Unfortunately "regrets" in Italian is "rimpianti."

So it looks like Hayden has at least one regret...

Hayden Panettiere Tattoo "Vivere senza rimipianti"(sic)

Make sure you put sunscreen on that tattoo