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Bugatti Veyron vs Porsche Carrera GT vs Yamaha R1

So it's the old cars vs bikes argument. Well it's not really a race but 3 awesome vehicles playing around on the public road in Germany. I'm not sure which year Yamaha R1 it is, but lets assume it's the latest one MY2007. So it's the Bugatti Veyron 16.4, Porsche Carrera GT, and the Yamaha R1 vs the public road. Here are the stats for each of the vehicles in the video:

Veyron 16.4Carrera GT
Yamaha R1
4162 lbs
3042 lbs
384 lbs
Top Speed
253 mph
205 mph
176 mph
0-60 mph
2.5 s
3.5 s
3.0 s

Formula One Car on Snow

After a big snow fall, I always want to take out the car to an empty parking lot to do some drifting. Well Nick Heidfeld did us one better! He took out the 720hp Sauber BMW Formula One racecar to a horse track in Switzerland for some fun. Of course you'll also have your mechanics put on some metal spikes on your wet weather tires.

David Beckham USA Tour 2007

Here is the L.A. Galaxy's schedule after David Beckham is released from his contract with Real Madrid.
August 5 - at Toronto FCAugust 9 - at D.C. UnitedAugust 12 - at New England RevolutionAugust 19 - at New York Red BullsAugust 26 - at Colorado RapidsSeptember 13 - at Chivas USASeptember 19 - at Real Salt LakeSeptember 27 - at Kansas City WizardsSept. 30 - at Columbus CrewOctober 7 - at Houston DynamoOctober 21 - at Chicago FireI'm just hoping this means that Posh Spice will be in the stands with him, here's a previous post with her pics.

Unfortunately the tickets are not available yet. I believe this will be the most exciting season of the MLS yet.