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Showing posts from August, 2006

For Sale: IIIF

Minolta Autometer IIIF

Phone stuffs

K790 play things

Waiting for the ps3

Sony fan boi.


Pork, lobster, and yellow rice. Oh and dont forget the see and white sangria!

Twilight landscape cloudy

Image stabilization turns on in this mode. I hope the colors come out correctly.

Time square

After dinner at mars 2112

Rotate not working?

Edited in photodj but i dont think it helped. I need a polarizer.

Need to learn how to rotate

The building should be upright

Panorama mode

I wonder how the big image looks

Dim sum

Its an all azn weekend

Pork and shrimp


The first?

Beat up but still good to go. It stinks a bit.

Dirt dog is in the house.

Also rarely used, but half the cost.

Vale vale

The doctor is rarely used.

Super hang on

I need new gloves


I want a new helmet.

1 a day

I always liked the colors on this bottle.

Best pic mode

So the k790 takes 9 pictures then you get to select the best one. Its hard to see the lcd under the bright sun.

My boy Blue

A nice afternoon in wilkes barre

James bond?

Lets see how good document mode is. As good as a minox?

Railroad, oh yes it is!

Hmm not sure how to rotate this.

Shack time

Checking out the colors during the midday sun

Lieberman = sore loser

Bush's pawn wants to split the democratic vote. Sit down and shut up, pls.

Should've been #1

1st image taken with my k790 at china town nyc

World Trade Center - stop with the movies!

Its too early you vultures! Bin Laden is still alive!


Forest hills. I wish i had the other colors. Adidas > *

B&W Test

Testing black and white mode. It needs tweaking in ps. Its also hard to see the lcd of the k790 in the bright sun.

Macro mode

1st test of macro with the k790i


Wasting batteries