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Xmas Tree Subway Train Layout 2009

Here is the finalized version of the 2009 xmas tree layout using an MTH Premier R40 Subway set, Lionel Fastrack, MTH Graduated Trestle System, and MTH Realtrax Trestle Set. Here you can see how close the train is to the upper deck when it has to go under. Here is the upper deck view of the spiral. And here is the lower deck vantage point. This was the 1st version, but due to the incline of the spiral it's better to have the train go down on the steep grade.
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TOOFLY vs MTH Premier R40 Subway Set

TOOFLY got a hold of our Queens bound MTH R40 F Train in O Scale and did her thing. Watch out for the tain horn! Check out TOOFLY's site .

Canon S90 Case Lowepro D-wrap

Here is the Lowepro D-Wrap gently caressing the Canon S90 point and shoot camera. A nice ever-ready case for a small camera. The Lowepro D-wrap is made of neoprene. It provides nice protection for that large LCD screen. It attaches via the tripod mount. You can view pictures while protecting the camera from the table surface. It's nice and compact. That's a quarter in there for perspective. Here it is ready to shoot. Buy the Lowepro D-Wrap here . Buy the Canon S90 point and shoot camera here .

Hayden Panettiere Tattoo Misspelled?

Hayden Panettiere's tattoo is fully visible in these pictures from Cannes. What we can see is an Italian phrase, "Vivere senza rimipianti". This translates to, "to live without regrets." Unfortunately "regrets" in Italian is "rimpianti." So it looks like Hayden has at least one regret... Hayden Panettiere Tattoo "Vivere senza rimipianti"(sic) Make sure you put sunscreen on that tattoo

What does Hayden Panettieres Tattoo Say?

Does anyone know what this Latin phrase is, tattooed on the back of Hayden Panettiere? It begins with Vivere and I would love to know how and where it ends. Hayden Panettiere at the Star Trek Premiere I doubt these are it: Vivere commune est, sed non commune mereri - Everybody lives; not everybody deserves to. Vivere disce, cogita mori - Learn to live; Remember death. So if anyone knows, please post it.

BAPE vs Mercedes Benz Gullwing

Here is Nigo's, of BAPE fame, MB 300SL Gullwing with an 6.0 liter V8 made by AMG.

Ashley Alexandra Dupre on the Jersey Shore

Here is Ashley Alexandra Dupre' taking in some sun at the Jersey Shore in a lovely bikini and Gucci sunglasses. You can clearly see her tattoo "Tutela Valui" on her stomach, the start of the happy trail. The phrase is in Latin and can be translated to "I fared well with protection" or "I used protection", thanks NY Times .