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White Castle Valentine's Day Dinner

Make your Valentine’s day STEAMY! Take your Valentine to White Castle on Wednesday, February 14 between 5 and 8 p.m. and enjoy hostess seating, candlelit dining and your own server. Reservations are required, so check the list below for participating Castles near you! Special this year, you can also treat your honey to a romantic White Castle dinner in your home! Cupid’s Crave Kits include eight cheeseburgers, one sack of fries, two regular soft drinks, coupons and keepsake items to heat up your homespun romance. Now, ain’t that sweet?For more information or to make a Cupid’s Crave Kit reservation, call the phone number listed for the your city of choice below.** Cupid’s Crave Kits are not available at all locations. Reservations are required.Chicago 708-458-4450 Ext. 516Minneapolis 651-646-1811 Ext. 12Cincinnati 513-559-0575 Ext. 13Nashville 615-333-2028Columbus 614-294-3753 Ext. 12Northeast Ohio 216-741-9780 Ext. 25Detroit 248-477-1450 Ext. 10New Jersey 732-381-4343Indianapolis 317…

Jaguar XKR vs Aston Martin Vantage V8

2007 Jaguar XKR Specs:
Supercharged 4.2L V8420 hp413 lb-ft torque0-60 mph in 4.9 sec3,671 lbs2007 Aston Martin Vantage V8 Specs:4.3L V8380 hp302 lb-ft torque0-60 mph in 5.1 sec3,461 lbs For me it would have to be the Aston. Yes it has less power, less hp, and 2 less seats but it is more exclusive. It looks much better than the Jaguar and Aston even offers a race ready version, the N24

Thanks Top Gear!

Katamari Damacy vs Travelers Insurance

I only saw this commercial once and it automatically made me think of the Playstation 2 game Katamari Damacy. Check out how the Traveler's Insurance commercial and the Katamari commerical from Japan. It's a great concept. I'm glad no one was hurt during the Traveler's spot. :D

Girls + Mixed Martial Arts Video

If they were doing this inside a Ferrari, it'd be heaven.

MMA Girls Lesson #1

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MMA Girls Lesson #2

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MMA Girls Lesson #4

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MMA Girls Lesson #5

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The best way to learn is by doing it instead of watching, so I'm available if the PanicPulse girls, from MySpace, give home lessons.

Richard Hammond Crash Video from Top Gear

Watch as the Hamster's footage where he survived a crash from a 10,000 hp rocket powered car, the "Vampire". He cracks jokes before he starts and is quite prophetic.

He completes 2 runs, one at 220 mph and 314 mph, successfully. The official British land speed record is 301 mph.

The 3rd run, where he crashes, topped out at 288 mph. You can see at the 8:15 mark that the left front tire explodes and all hell breaks loose.

As you can see that Hammond had all the safety precautions helmet, neck brace, fire suit, etc and it was performed in a controlled environment.

Welcome back Hammond!

T-Mobile MyFaves Hacks

What is T-Mobile MyFaves?
MyFaves allows a T-Mobile user to add 5 phone numbers as their free-call numbers. Any calls to or from the 5 phone numbers do not reduce the minutes in their call plan. You can read more here, What is MyFaves.So how do we use this to our advantage?
Using for local calls (40 mins free).Sign up for a free account.Get your GC phone number.Add your T-Mobile phone as the number GC will forward the calls to.
Add the GC phone number as one of you MyFaves.Add contacts to your GC address book.Use the Click2Call feature.GC will dial your contact and you will receive a call from GC with your GC number.The standard charge is 2.5 cents/min and a free account gets $1.00 credit. So you get 40 minutes free. And any extra minutes are much better than T-Mobiles 40 cents/min charge.

Using for local (200 mins free) and international calls.Sign up for a free account.Get your VS phone number.Add your VS number as a MyFaves.Register your T-Mobile …

Natas Kaupas and 20 year of Etnies Skate Shoes

This was one of my boards back in the 80's. It's a Natas Kaupas pro model. I remember seeing Natas in a Santa Cruz video ollying over a garbage can, fire hydrant, and jumping over a Porsche 914.

I'm glad to see Natas has done well for himself. I guess it's time to get another pair of Etnies.

Lotus under VW Rule - The End

Volkswagen to take stake in Malaysia Proton's manufacturing unit
KUALA LUMPUR (XFN-ASIA) - Volkswagen AG has signed an agreement to buy a substantial stake in the manufacturing arm of Malaysia's Proton Holdings Bhd, sources familiar with the deal told XFN-Asia.
An announcement is expected to be made on Feb 8, one source said.
He said the German carmaker is likely to take a 51 pct stake in Proton's manufacturing division.

Proton parent of Lotus is about to be under the rule of Volkswagen, this cannot be good. In an ideal world Lotus would have access to the power of VW and the Elise, but it is not ideal. I can see a redesign of the Elise and Exige would phase out the Toyota 1.8L engine in favor of a VW 3.2L V6. Goodbye my friend. Hopefully this will make the Proton Elise/Exige more desirable.

Electrict Slide - Tesla Roadster on Ice

Tesla Roadster Specs:
HP = 248Weight = 2500 lbs0-60 mph = 4 secTop Speed = 130 mphRange = 250 milesCharge Time = 3.5 hrs

Thanks Tesla and YouTube.

Strafer Mk4 Airgun 10,500 RPM In Action

Specifications:Construction ............................................. T6061 Aluminum, Nickel-Plated BrassBarrel Length ........................................... 17"Barrel Construction (.177/4.5mm) ............ Stainless Steel
(6mm) ........................ BrassLength ...................................................... 22.5”Width ........................................................ 2.25”Height ....................................................... 9.5”Weight (Empty) ......................................... 7 lbs 9 ouncesCaliber ...................................................... .177 (4.5mm) or 6mmHopper Capacity (.177/4.5mm) .................. Approx. 9,600 Rounds
(6mm) ............................. Approx 7,200 RoundsAmmunition Type (.177/4.5mm) ................. Metal .177/4.5mm BB’s
(6mm) ............................ Airsoft Plastic 6mm BB’s or Steel 6mm BB’sRate of fire ....…

Rage Against the Machine Reunites!!!

Rage Against the Machine will reunite for Coachella

Rage Against the Machine, the seminal L.A. band that made heavy music into political manifesto, will reunite after a seven-year lull for one show as the headliners at the 2007 Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival.

Sources say Rage, which played the main stage at the first Coachella in 1999, will be joined by other familiar faces for the eighth edition of the festival, which covers three days this year and begins April 27: Red Hot Chili Peppers, which headlined in 2003, are back, as is Björk, who topped the bill in 2002.

Finally! Audioslave sounds like RATM on Paxil. I hope they come to the east coast so I can see them play.

1/12th Scale Gundam Kit - Human Sized!

Hyper Hybrid model 1/12 RX-78-2 Gundam by Bandai

Watch as the Maru family builds the kit. Click here. This kit is amazing and must be fun to put together when your the age the kids are. I wonder if it can do any cool things?

And I found 1 place to buy them - here. 350,000 Yen or $2888.89!

Best Financial Advice Ever

MSN Money recently published "The Best Financial Advice Ever." I found it informative and here's what it boils down to:
No matter how much you make - save a little.Save hard during the 1st 10 years of marriage.Know what you need and want?Know the true cost of ownership.Buy quality.Live within your means - don't add extra expenses.
Don't pay interest on anything that depreciates. (cars)Don't co-sign loans.If you need more money - get another job.Invest in your business.Own your business, including the building it's in.Don't gamble more than you can lose.Don't depend on luck to make you money.
Read the complete article here: "The Best Financial Advice Ever."

Prada LG KE850 - the better iPhone

Tri-band GSM/EDGE Touch screen interface 2-megapixel camera Music playerVideo Player
Document viewer (Word, PowerPoint, Excel and PDF files)microSD memory expansion Bluetooth 2.0 USB 2.0 Measures: 3.9 by 2.1 by 0.5 inches

Back dimples: Olivia Munn

Olivia Munn from G4tv at the Beerfest premiere exemplifies the perfect set back dimples. She's obviously very fit and the dimples tell all. I wish I knew what jeans she's wearing. Ohh and the freckles are a plus. Go Munn go!

NBA Superstar Footwear

What to do? Hate the team but I like the shoe!

Here are 2 pairs from adidas' NBA Superstar Footwear. adidas designed 30 shoes 1 for each of the NBA teams using the classic shelltoe as the canvas. Here are the 2 best pairs since they have the snakeskin look. But I hate Philly and Golden State!!! What to do?

Of course for the team I like - they had to make an ugly, plain looking pair.

Maybe I'll rub off the 76ers logo. Help!

Gym Class Heroes = NYC Radio Hip Hop Is Dead

When I saw this on MTV I was amazed it was the first time I'm hearing about Gym Class Heroes. And then I got depressed since MTV is how I found out about the song and the group. NYC Radio will never play anything like this unless it's sold 1,000,000 copies. Progressive NYC is where mediocre radio lives. Unless you see it at Wal-mart you won't hear it from the hardcore hip-hop HOT97 or Power 105.1 - it's a disgrace. Hip hop is dead as Nas said and NYC radio stations prove it everyday. I miss the days of Stretch and Bobbito.

CD's from Amazon:

As Cruel as School Children - 2006

The Papercut Chronicles - 2005

Queen & I - 2006 cd single

More videos from YouTube.

BMW 1 Series - 3 door Variant Introduced

The biggest news about the tiny little 1 series is that BMW debuts several new technologies with it's introduction:
Brake Energy Regeneration (iGR) - The system uses an Intelligent Alternator Control (IAC) and an Absorbent Glass Mat battery to recycle previously lost energy, in turn saving fuel. This is achieved as the IAC reduces drag on the engine by only engaging when required to charge the battery, whereas a traditional alternator is always pulling power from the engine. Additionally, the energy generated by the engine on over-run (under braking or descending a hill) was previously wasted. Now this lost energy is utilised by the IAC to charge the battery. iGR alone is responsible for a three per cent improvement in fuel economy.Automatic Start-Stop function to cut fuel consumption. Standard on all manual transmission models (except 130i), the system automatically switches the engine off when the vehicle is stationary and the driver puts the car into neutral. To restart the driv…

Beckham to L.A. for $250 Million

Is Hollywood ready for this? I'll bet that Victoria Beckham will end up on Desperate Housewives soon enough. Go Posh go!


No one seems to be sure what this car is. The concensus from the internet is it's a Z9. And the internet is never wrong. Well there are many things wrong with this car if it is a new BMW Z9 roadster.

Cloth Convertible Top - if they want a Z9 to go up against the MB SL, it needs to have a retractable hardtop. The new 335i has one already and they would certainly not go back to cloth.Twin exhaust not quad - if it's a Z9, it must have the V10 engine from the M6 and M5. This could be easily modified though.Skinny rear tires - those tires don't look like it will be able to handle 200hp let alone the V10's 500+ hp.Most likely it's a Z2 - an entry level roadster, hopefully better looking than the atrocity that is the Z4.

Reggie Bush Takes a Hard Hit

Reggie Bush takes a hard hit early but it doesn't stop him and New Orleans Saints in beating the Philadelphia Eagles. I really thought Reggie would be to small for the NFL but he's proven me wrong especially after recovering from this monstrous hit. Good luck to the Saints!

Peugeot 908 RC Concept

This concept car from Peugeot uses a V12 diesel engine which Peugeot plans to race in the 2007 24 hours of Le Mans. If the engine wins in Le Mans, it will immediately legitimize the 908 RC concept and hopefully for Peugeot to manufacture it.