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T-Mobile MyFaves Hacks

What is T-Mobile MyFaves?
  • MyFaves allows a T-Mobile user to add 5 phone numbers as their free-call numbers. Any calls to or from the 5 phone numbers do not reduce the minutes in their call plan. You can read more here, What is MyFaves.
So how do we use this to our advantage?
  • Using for local calls (40 mins free).
    1. Sign up for a free account.
    2. Get your GC phone number.
    3. Add your T-Mobile phone as the number GC will forward the calls to.
    4. Add the GC phone number as one of you MyFaves.
    5. Add contacts to your GC address book.
    6. Use the Click2Call feature.
    7. GC will dial your contact and you will receive a call from GC with your GC number.
    8. The standard charge is 2.5 cents/min and a free account gets $1.00 credit. So you get 40 minutes free. And any extra minutes are much better than T-Mobiles 40 cents/min charge.

  • Using for local (200 mins free) and international calls.
    1. Sign up for a free account.
    2. Get your VS phone number.
    3. Add your VS number as a MyFaves.
    4. Register your T-Mobile number with VS.
    5. Set up i2bridge.
      1. Log into your My Account
      2. Click on "i2Bridge™" in the My Account Options menu
      3. If your status is Disabled, select Enabled and enter the mobile, business or home number you will be using to make calls from. Include your Country Code. For Example in USA: 1+Phone Number (15551239876)
      4. To Disable your i2Bridge™ , simply select Disable and click Submit
      5. To update your number. Make sure the status is Enabled and the enter a new phone number.
    6. Dial your VS number on your T-Mobile phone and you will get a dial tone.
    7. Dial the phone number you intended to call.
    8. Calls within the 48 States are 2.4 cents/min. You can find the international rates here, international rates.


philldo said…
I will definitely try these methods out. Thanks.

Grand Central is owned by Google now. They are on an invite only system.

Voicestick requires a $10 deposit. Still worth it if you are about to go over your minutes like me.

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