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Chevy Volt

Chevy Abandons the Internal Combustion Engine for Cars as We Know It.

The Chevy Bolt is a plug-in hybrid vehicle, powered by an electric motor, using lithium ion battery cells. Chevrolet calls this the E flex drive-system. It's estimated range on a full charge is 40 miles. After 40 miles it would leave the batteries with a 30% charge and this is when the gas-powered generator is activated. The gas engine is not connected to the car's drive train, it's only available to recharge the Volt's batteries. This is what is know as a series hybrid, which differs from the hybrids on the road today like the Toyota Prius.

The specs:
  • Top speed: 120 mph
  • 0-60mph: 8.5 sec
  • Range: 40 miles (battery power only) - 640 miles (combined with gas powered generator)
  • Weight: 3200 lbs
  • Recharge Time:
    • 0.5 hrs (using gas-powered generator)
    • 6.5 hrs (using 120 V household current)
  • Battery Type: Lithium Ion
  • Electric Motor: 120 kW (160 hp)
  • Gas Powered Generator: 3 Cylinders, 53 kW
  • Estimated MPG:
    • 100 mpg (40 mi range)
    • 50 mpg (while recharging)
  • Estimated Annual Fuel Savings compared to a 30 mpg car:
    • 500 gal. (15,000 mi/yr)
  • Estimated production date: 2009
The only part that concerns me is the 3200 lb weight of the Volt. If Chevrolet can control the fat on this car they will have a lot of success. I think the E-flex system will succeed better when used with their compact car platform. A good start for the E-flex would be the Chevy Aveo which weighs 2343 lb, but the Chevy Volt is a bit more appealing to the eye.

source NY T imes.


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