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Richard Hammond Crash Video from Top Gear

Watch as the Hamster's footage where he survived a crash from a 10,000 hp rocket powered car, the "Vampire". He cracks jokes before he starts and is quite prophetic.

He completes 2 runs, one at 220 mph and 314 mph, successfully. The official British land speed record is 301 mph.

The 3rd run, where he crashes, topped out at 288 mph. You can see at the 8:15 mark that the left front tire explodes and all hell breaks loose.

As you can see that Hammond had all the safety precautions helmet, neck brace, fire suit, etc and it was performed in a controlled environment.

Welcome back Hammond!


Louise said…
Oh my god it is a miracle that he survived that!!! it is great to see Hammond back!!!!!!! Lou

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