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No one seems to be sure what this car is. The concensus from the internet is it's a Z9. And the internet is never wrong. Well there are many things wrong with this car if it is a new BMW Z9 roadster.

  • Cloth Convertible Top - if they want a Z9 to go up against the MB SL, it needs to have a retractable hardtop. The new 335i has one already and they would certainly not go back to cloth.
  • Twin exhaust not quad - if it's a Z9, it must have the V10 engine from the M6 and M5. This could be easily modified though.
  • Skinny rear tires - those tires don't look like it will be able to handle 200hp let alone the V10's 500+ hp.
Most likely it's a Z2 - an entry level roadster, hopefully better looking than the atrocity that is the Z4.


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