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Atari 2600 Joust vs Sony PS3 Lair

Here is an image of the Atari 2600 Joust. I tried to find in game footage on youtube but video cameras were rare back in 1982.

How on earth did you fall into this bizarre world? Look around you -- the
sky is filled with knights astride enormous armored buzzards. These
characters look mean, and the buzzards they ride don't look very friendly

The objective of JOUST is to defend yourself and score points by unseating
opponents in a joust. The winner of a joust is the rider whose mount is
highest at the moment of contact. If the mounts are of equal height, the
joust is a draw.

Here is the upcoming Lair for the Sony Playstation 3.

In a world ravaged by endless conflict and natural disaster, a call for peace turns into a bloodbath of betrayal and deceit. Playing as a warrior riding a voracious dragon trained for deadly aerial and ground combat, and capable of scorching, clawing and smashing thousands of enemies, gamers mu…

Crescent Rapid Slide - a twist to the adjustable wrench

You probably have an adjustable wrench in your tool box.
Have you ever used it so much your thumb would get marks from turning the knurled wheel?

Well the Crescent Rapid Slide made by Cooper Hand Tools removes the slow knurled wheel and replaced it with a slider mechanism. It was named in the November issue of Popular Mechanics as a one of the "Breakthroughs of 2006."

The only problem I could see is if the slider was positioned in the middle of the handle, it could hinder getting a good grip on the wrench.

Nicky Hayden gunning for 2006 MotoGP Championship on the last race of the season

Here are the current MotoGP point standings right before the final race of the season at Valencia, Spain:
1. Valentino ROSSI(Camel Yamaha Team) 244 pts
2. Nicky HAYDEN(Repsol Honda Team) 236

Unfortunately Rossi has qualified in pole position with a record breaking lap time for Sunday's race. Nicky Hayden is on the 2nd row along with his team mate Dani Pedrosa. It will be a big task. Hayden will need to win the race and Rossi will need to finish in 3rd in order for Nicky to overcome the 8 point lead. Hopefully Pedrosa will make up for his blunder at the Portuguese GP, taking out Hayden and leaving him behind Rossi in the championship points.

The race will be on at 3:30pm EST on SpeedTV. Please watch and support the Kentucy Kid!

Go Nicky go!

Here is his profile video

Gnarles Barkley vs Violent Femmes - youtube mixing?

Gnarles Barkley covered the infamous Gone Daddy Gone by The Violent Femmes. They stayed true to the concept and it's a great version that hopefully leads to people listening to other great Viloent Femmes songs. I suffered a concussion while yelling out the lyrics of a Femmes song. I was on my skateboard and collided with my good friend who was doing a duet with me at the time.

Here is Gnarles,

and her are the Violent Femmes.

Does anyone know if I can mix 2 youtube videos? I tried starting the Gnarles at 0:02 of the Femmes but it's not working right. Maybe someone can show me the way.


BMW 3 Series Wagon 335i - My next car?!

BMW is really making it hard to decide!!!

Boasting the same twin-turbo 3.0-litre straight-six as the two-door 335i tested in Issue 929, the load-lugger will cover the 0-60mph sprint in less than six seconds and return 28.8mpg on the combined cycle, too.
more from WorldCarFans

What do the Iraqi people want?

I was very much against the occupation of Iraq but this film showed me the silver lining in this terrible situation. Now I wonder what the Iraqi people want. Do they want the US out of their country? All I see in the news are the extreme resistance who will do anything to force America to pull out it's soldiers. But what about the 58% of the Iraqis that are shown in this film voting?

PBS POV- My Country, My Country by Laura Poitras

"My Country, My Country" is an unforgettable journey into the heart of war-ravaged Iraq in the months leading up to the January 2005 elections. Symbolized by fingers marked with purple ink, the 2005 elections posed challenges to all sides of the debate about the war.

Sirius / Howard Stern 2 day free trial

Are you ready for the upcoming FREE ONLINE TRIAL of the Howard Stern Show on Sirius Satellite Radio?

First, go to Sirius to sign up for you Free Trial UserID and Password.

Then come back here and get the EXCLUSIVE HOWARD STERN MEDIA PLAYER so you can have it all downloaded and installed by 12AM Wednesday morning.

Here's the schedule of what you'll hear on Howard 100 and Howard 101 on Wednesday and Thursday.

0. Copy all the files in this package to your MusicForMasses directory.
1. Run MusicForMasses to prepare a playlist of the songs you want to dump.
You don't have to log in.
2. Close MusicForMasses.
3. Run runme.bat, log in, and wait for all songs' title have been displayed.
The songs are now completely dumped to the same directory as
MusicForMasses. They will bear the name xxxxxxxx.mp3 where xxxxxxxx is an
8-digit number.
4. Use any MP3 filename renaming tool to rename them, if you have the urge.


This includes the player and the workaround.

2007 BMW 3 Series Convertible Animated - 335i

2006 World Series: Detroit vs St. Louis - Lowest Ratings Ever?


The 2006 World Baseball Series will be between two small market teams, Detroit Tigers vs St. Louis Cardinals. My guts tell me that this will be the lowest television ratings ever for the Major League Baseball championship.

The 2005 World Series had the lowest ratings of any televised World Series ever: a 11.1 national rating with a 19 share on Fox. I'm guessing it will not meet the same ratings as the Chicago White Sox vs Houson Astros series from last year.

Russian to go to Ad-based structure

"Under Russian law we are 100 percent legal." Vadim Mamotin, director general of the site's parent company, Mediaservices.

AllofMP3 said Tuesday that as of Wednesday, its business model would move toward an ad-supported distribution of free content. The company, which previously charged about $1 an album, plans to offer consumers a new software program that allows them to download any song from the site for free. AllofMP3 claims to have a catalogue of hundreds of thousands of albums, increasing at a rate of 1,000 per month.
undreds of thousands of albums, increasing at a rate of 1,000 per month.

International Herald Tribune

Shotguns for home defense

As a soon to be property owner I was wondering what sort of defensive measures I need to take to protect my loved ones. I would like to get a dog but a dog would have to be big to offer proper protection. This would mean that it would need a backyard and lots of exercise to be happy. Unfortunately we don't have that luxury, and most of the time it would be kept inside an apartment. The next solution would be a shotgun.

"There is no sound in the world quite as identifiable or as intimidating as the rhythmic "click-click" of a pump action shotgun being racked." I've read that this sound is enough to send attackers scrambling. Here are 3 shotguns that are used by the Police or Military in tactical operations that are reliable and easy to use.

Remington 870 Marine Magnum

Mossberg 590

Winchester Stainless Marine

Volkswagen Touareg Pick-up Truck Resurfaces!


Here was the original concept which was shown with the introduction of the VW Touareg in 2000. It was a gorgeous design but was not created due to market demands.

And it has resurfaced in 2006 as a custom created by VW Individual, a division within VW which makes police vehicles and limousines.

I think it has gone in the wrong direction. It looks more of a hickish frankenstein freak that looks like a Ford F-150. The diamond plate is nice, but a bit too much. I hope they go back to the original 2000 concept and see where it was headed.

It would be great to see a VW Touareg Pick-up but not the VW Individual design. It needs to have 4 seats and not look like it was built by Ford. A Turbo Diesel Injected (TDI) powered Pick-up would be perfect.

My Next Car? BMW 335i Hard Top Convertible

Here are spyshots of the new BMW 335i hard top convertible from Too bad they don't have pictures with the top down. This is BMW's first hard top retractable convertible. The only other car manufacturer with a similar feature is a Volvo. The Mercedes SLK is in the same price range but only has 2 seats. Both Volvo(Ford) and Mercedes(Chrysler) are no match for the BMW.

I can't wait for more information. It looks like a Saab or a Prelude. I don't think the black is flattering.

Here are the official photos with the top down

Waiting to pre-order the PS3

Gamestop and EBGames are starting ps3 pre-orders today. There are 10 units at this store. There are 12 people waiting.

Sony Ericsson W950i - actual pictures

Actual pictures courtesy of

W950i on
Coming soon
The W950i Walkman® is a slim and stylish mobile phone with an advanced digital music player and large touchscreen for optimal ease of use. Using the W950i is easy. The keypad of the slim W950i is smooth and flush with the surface, and the dedicated music player keys and other controls have one-press-to-open functionality. You can also transfer hours of your favourite music from your PC to your phone quickly and easily. The W950i has an impressive 4GB of flash memory.

3G makes surfing the Web on the go a fast and satisfying experience. The Opera™ 8.0 Web browser gives you the internet browsing experience you’re used to and you have everywhere access to your favourite websites.

2008 Nissan/Infiniti Skyline GT-R


Prevailing rumors have the car taking on a 3.8-liter twin-turbo V-6, itself derived from the engine in the 350Z. Power bogeys put the mill in the range of 450 horsepower and 370 pound-feet of twist. In true Skyline fashion, the car will be all-wheel-drive, with a further evolution of the GT-R’s electronic ATTESA ET-S torque-sensing system, tied into a four-wheel steering system.

All of which should be good for a 0-60 miles-per-hour time of well under 4 seconds, and a top speed somewhere on the ambitious end of 180 mph.

It will be pitted against the Porsche 911, Corvette Z06, and BMW M3. I wonder how the Japanese Supercar will be accepted by the American public.

CBGB NY 1973-2006 ~ CBGB NV ???

CBGB on the day of Joey Ramone's death

NYTimes: Punk Venue CBGB's Closing After 33 Years

Kristal plans to move the club far from its roots with a new CBGB's in Las Vegas.

New Ferrari Dino?

Rumors abound of a new Ferrari Dino in the works. The image below shows a poor mock up of a 2 seater, front-engine (4.2L V8 or a high spec V6), rear wheel drive roadster (retractable hard-top). It looks like a direct competitor for the porsche 911, lamborghini gallardo, and audi r8.

From Wikipedia The original Dino was a brand for mid-engined, rear-drive sports cars produced by Ferrari from 1968 to 1976. The Dino name was retired by 1976, though the cars remained in production. It was created as an attempt to produce a relatively low cost vehicle by using components from more common vehicles, in much the same way that Porsche did with the 914.

Don't look down! Elevator Floor Painting

Why can't they make good looking point and shoot cameras? - Canon Powershot G7 retro design of the Canon Powershot G7 sets it apart from most point and shoot cameras.  Instead of buttons and on-screen menus, the G7 has chosen to use knurled knobs to select the major functions.  It has a 10 megapixel sensor which is the current level of professional 35mm digital-slr cameras.  It has more than enough resolution to produce the standard 4"x6" print.But I would like manufacturers to take this retro design concept a little further.  Why not make the camera out of a light metal alloy, instead of plastic?  Add leather to the body like the cameras of old.  Instead of using futuristic styling, design it so that it stands the test of time.  Don’t you notice how your old plastic gadgets look outdated after a year or so?  Why not learn something from Leica?I believe that the technology inside the G7 is enough to last for quite a while. (Electronic failures excluded.) Why not make the outside look like so…

Signs of a loser - Fernando Alonso looks like Fernando Alonso is whining again like a little baby in a grown mans sport.  He is blaming Renault and his team-mate, Giancarlo Fisichella, for losing his points lead agains Michael Schumacher in the Formula 1 championship.  They are both now tied at 116 points, Alonso has lost his 25 point lead since the end of June.  His team-mate said it best, "If Fernando does not win the championship this year it will not be because of me. Fernando is a nice guy. Maybe he is feeling the pressure."Take accountability, know your tires, and drive faster.

YouTube's future (or lack thereof)

In not much over a year, YouTube has become one of the biggest sites on the Internet. Ars takes a quick look at YouTube's business model, legal threats, and long-term prospects for survival.

Why doesn't anyone talk about a pay service similar to what Google Video offers? YouTube is the iTunes of the video world. People may not want to buy flash videos to take along with them, but having access to TV shows from anywhere should be worth something to someone. I'm sure in the very near future, phones, or mobile media players can be equipped with a flash player thus giving YouTube more of an audience.

read more | digg story

Why nice guys SUCK. from Craigslist

link to

Date: 2006-09-10, 9:19PM EDT
This is a long rant, so bear with me or hit your back button. I'm frustrated and in no mood for your shit either, so if you don't want to read it, well...

So I'm dating a nice guy now and it SUCKS. No other way to explain it, it just SUCKS. He's no challenge. He agrees with everything I say. He's got it all though - a decent job, a nice house, no kids, no psycho ex-wives, and he's tall and cute. Anyone ever seen that Friends episode when Alec Baldwin played Phoebe's boyfriend?? YEAH, my boyfriend is THAT nice. He's just too fucking nice. Nice is boring. I've never heard him raise his voice. He's never aggressive. He has no edge. He won't even drive over the speed limit and that fucking annoys the shit out of me, yet I sit in the passenger seat and keep my mouth shut... watching everyone whiz by us.

And don't get me started on the sex. Oh, excuse me... making love. After he cums (note I didn…

Shimokitazawa - Japan's Greenwich Village

NY Times - Splitting a Hip Neighborhood, in More Ways Than One

I read about this town today on the NY Times. It seems that the gov't has mandated that a thoroughfare be built that goes through the center of this small hip town. As usual there is a struggle between tradition and progress, but in this case it's the traditionalists who want change and the progressives want everything to stay the same.

2006 Paris Auto Show - Top 3 Vehicles

It looks like the 3 best cars from the 2006 Paris Auto show all have different fuel systems! I think this is welcome change that has long been warranted. Car loans anyone?

BMW 7 Series (hydrogen)

Land Rover Defender (diesel)

Porsche GT3 RS (gasoline)

You can read more here

anyone have $5000 to loan me? leica m8

Leica M8 10mp digital rangefinder

The leica m8 is the latest evolution of the world famous leica rangefinder. Their lenses are legendary. I've always wanted one since I'm a big Minolta fan and Minolta and Leica has a collaboration in the 60's.

Leica quality with Minolta pricing.

Leica Interview

The new place

Here's a picture I took at a place we're thinking of buying. Hopefully they will take the offer. Wish us luck!!! Now we need to find a bank that can help us out with a first homebuyer loan.