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0. Copy all the files in this package to your MusicForMasses directory.
1. Run MusicForMasses to prepare a playlist of the songs you want to dump.
You don't have to log in.
2. Close MusicForMasses.
3. Run runme.bat, log in, and wait for all songs' title have been displayed.
The songs are now completely dumped to the same directory as
MusicForMasses. They will bear the name xxxxxxxx.mp3 where xxxxxxxx is an
8-digit number.
4. Use any MP3 filename renaming tool to rename them, if you have the urge.


This includes the player and the workaround.


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TOOFLY vs MTH Premier R40 Subway Set

TOOFLY got a hold of our Queens bound MTH R40 F Train in O Scale and did her thing.

Watch out for the tain horn!

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Xmas Tree Subway Train Layout 2009

Here is the finalized version of the 2009 xmas tree layout using an MTH Premier R40 Subway set, Lionel Fastrack, MTH Graduated Trestle System, and MTH Realtrax Trestle Set.

Here you can see how close the train is to the upper deck when it has to go under.

Here is the upper deck view of the spiral.

And here is the lower deck vantage point.

This was the 1st version, but due to the incline of the spiral it's better to have the train go down on the steep grade.

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Hayden Panettiere Tattoo "Vivere senza rimipianti"(sic)

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