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Shotguns for home defense

As a soon to be property owner I was wondering what sort of defensive measures I need to take to protect my loved ones. I would like to get a dog but a dog would have to be big to offer proper protection. This would mean that it would need a backyard and lots of exercise to be happy. Unfortunately we don't have that luxury, and most of the time it would be kept inside an apartment. The next solution would be a shotgun.

"There is no sound in the world quite as identifiable or as intimidating as the rhythmic "click-click" of a pump action shotgun being racked." I've read that this sound is enough to send attackers scrambling. Here are 3 shotguns that are used by the Police or Military in tactical operations that are reliable and easy to use.

Remington 870 Marine Magnum

Mossberg 590

Winchester Stainless Marine


Anonymous said…
Not that I recommend guns but if you get dead set on it a shot gun is the superior choice for home defence for a few reasons .

1. In a high pressure situation you can easily miss with a hand gun or a rifle a shotgun is a spray cone area point in the right direction and fire odds of missing much lower.

2. Do to the pellets that a shotgun casing fires it is devastating at close quarters but does not have allot of penetrating power. This means most walls will stop or slow down the pellets thus the chance of shooting someone outside or in another room are lessened where a rifle round could travel right through the house injuring a innocent.

My two cents from a army guy.

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