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Atari 2600 Joust vs Sony PS3 Lair

Here is an image of the Atari 2600 Joust. I tried to find in game footage on youtube but video cameras were rare back in 1982.

How on earth did you fall into this bizarre world? Look around you -- the
sky is filled with knights astride enormous armored buzzards. These
characters look mean, and the buzzards they ride don't look very friendly

The objective of JOUST is to defend yourself and score points by unseating
opponents in a joust. The winner of a joust is the rider whose mount is
highest at the moment of contact. If the mounts are of equal height, the
joust is a draw.

Here is the upcoming Lair for the Sony Playstation 3.

In a world ravaged by endless conflict and natural disaster, a call for peace turns into a bloodbath of betrayal and deceit. Playing as a warrior riding a voracious dragon trained for deadly aerial and ground combat, and capable of scorching, clawing and smashing thousands of enemies, gamers must defeat countless armies to save a civilization. Together, the gamer and the beast will attempt to change the destiny of a world on the brink of extinction.

Shows you that great ideas from the past will survive.


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