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Top 10 Geek Babes of All Time

#10 Jessica Alba - as Max Guevara on Dark Angel was a very sexy genetically engineered soldier of fortune. She also played Sue Storm in The Fantastic Four. Who can argue with Jessica Alba being on this list?

#9 Marie Curie - Nobel Prize for physics and chemisty! She is immortalized by the Polish government on their currency. Can prolly outgeek anyone who's clicked here.

#8 Gillian Leigh Anderson - played FBI agent Dana Scully on The X Files. Her beautiful voice and geeky talk on The X Files has made her a nerd's dream.

#7 Carrie Ann Moss - as Trinity she was a leather clad assasin, trained in firearms handling, helicopter pilot, and can ride a Ducati 996 with the best, what's not to lust. She can also be seen in Memento as a rude, conniving bitch - so sexy!

#6Kari Byron - the red-headed eye-candy on Mythbusters. She makes learning sexy!

#5 Jeri Ryan - played Seven of Nine, Tertiary Adjunct of Unimatrix Zero-One, or Seven for short, a Borg who appeared weekly on Star Trek: Voyager in a body fitting outfit. A sexy robot that's not a FemBot, dreamy!

#4 Milla Jovovich - was the Fifth Element and the gun wielding, zombie dog killing Alice on the Resident Evil series. And she is also a songstress, here's her video.

#3 Lara Croft - is a polite English lass, Heckler and Koch wielding Indiana Jones, in short-shorts and packs 34Cs! She is the reason 3rd person shooters are around today. What's better than a girl you can control with a joystick?

#2 Morgan Webb - the geek gamers dream. I wonder if she really plays all the games she reviews on G4TV's X Play. Who cares she has a nice rack, but her elbows and choice of shoes bother me. A night with Morgan or a PS3 on launch day? It's hard to decide.

#1 Angelina Jolie - played a Acid Burn on Hackers and brought to life the greatest video game vixen, Lara Croft. She wore a blood necklace and has the best pair of lips in the world. She is the one.


Anonymous said…
Morgan webb should have been 1 and kari byron 2 they actually know what they doing n talking about in real life

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