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The BMW Art Car Videos

3.0 CSL
Alexander Calder 1975

Frank Stella 1976

320i - Roy Lichtenstein 1977

M1 - Andy Warhol 1979

Ernst Fuchs 1982

Richard Rauschenberg 1986

E30 M3
Ken Done 1989

Michael Jagamara Nelson 1989

535i - Matazo Kayama 1990

730i - Cesar Manrique 1990

525i - Esther Mahlangu 1991

Z1 - A.R. Penck 1991

E36M3 - Sandro Chia 1992

850csi - David Hockney 1995

The V12 LMR by Jenny Holzer video is missing as of now - I'll update it when it pops up.

The H2R, hydrogen powered car, is slated to be the 16th Art Car. Olafur Eliasson, one of the most significant representatives of contemporary art, has been commissioned by BMW. Waiting for the finished product and maybe the video.


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