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SSC Ultimate Aero TT Fastest Car In The World

We finally have actual footage from the world record run.

Move over Buggati, here comes the Shelby Supercars Ultimate Aero TT.
On a closed stretch of highway in Washington State, the Ultimate Aero posted a top speed of 257.11mph (413.83km/h) on its first pass and 254.55mph (409.71km/h) on its return pass to set the new top speed record of 255.83mph (411.76km/h). The speeds were recorded using a series of satellites and several on board sensors, with independent firm Dewetron on hand to monitor progress.
Here's the power plant that makes it all possible:



Block and Heads (V-8)



Bore x Stroke:

4.125 x 3.620"

Compression Ratio:



1183 bhp @ 6950 rpm


1094 lb./ft. @ 6150 rpm


7200 rpm

Fuel Injection:

Electronic Sequential Port


422 lbs.


SAE 5W/30 Fully Synthetic Racing

Induction System:

Sequential, multi-port fuel injection, Twin Turbo Chargers. Dual-Water to Air Intercoolers.


Premium Unleaded - 91 Pump Octane

Shelby Supercars Ultimate Aero TT

For more info go to Shelby Supercars.


Anonymous said…
BFC OT FTW!!!! omghi2ulol.

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